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12 January, 1999

Today, I felt as though I was getting the hand of this.  I dressed up today and felt as though I blended in a little more.  In my Art and Architecture class, Prof. Holmes was sick, so I got up for nothing.  Rina, Monica, Carrie, and I went for espresso at a little bar afterwards.
My Modern Italy class with Dr. Carrabino should be a great class.  Today was great and it was just an intro.  I think that I will enjoy the smaller, more intimate group of people.  I feel more recognizable, something that makes me want to do good.  I went to the library, which is very nice here.  I got an internet account tonight at the Village Internet Point and got some e-mails from Jim, Doug, and Allison.  They are great friends and I will miss them.  I need to send out some postcards and stuff to them and to my family.  The trip to Pisa on Saturday should be fun e sabado andiamo a Assisi!  I got a little frog candle for Rina from one of the cute little boutique stores.

Move on to the next day, 13 January, 1999.

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