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7 January, 1999

Today, I woke up at 2pm, apparently due to the "jet lag."  I feel great and I think that I have caught up with my sleep now.  I went for a walk with Rina looking for the study center.  We ended up in a piazza with a magnificent church (which I found out was Santa Croce).  We went to a little pizzeria and had pizza and water.  I felt so dehydrated this morning without being able to drink my usual large glasses of iced tea and water.

I met my roommates who seem like some nice guys.  Dave is from New Jersey and goes to Penn State and Manny is from Miami and goes to Florida State.

Rina and I went out to dinner tonight at Maximillian Ristorante which was delicious, but a little expensive.  The table surcharge, called the coperto, is the "thing that gets `ya."  Tomorrow, we will have an orientation and tour of Florence, which I am looking forward to.  I wrote my Mom an e-mail which is a great method of communication for us.

Move on to the next day, 8 January, 1999.

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