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Arriving in a strange new country can be a bit intimidating, especially when you realize that you must now find transportation to the hotel.  In Prague, we were met with a pleasant surprise.   The Cedaz Transportation Company had a long line of vans waiting at the airport.   The drivers were very low pressure, but also very helpful.  Of course, they spoke great English and provided the perfect level of service.
The great part was the price!  The thirty minute ride cost about 350KÁ for everyone, including our luggage (5 bags).  They dropped us off right at the front door and when I gave the driver a tip, he gave it back and just said "that's okay."

In numerous travel books about the Czech Republic, I was severely cautioned to avoid rogue taxi drivers in the area.  While these problems do exist, the best way to avoid this is to look for the Cedaz van and rest assured you'll be treated right!

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