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Gondola Tours

It has been Rina and I's dream for quite some time, ever since we decided to come to Italy, to take a gondola ride through the beautifully memorable canals of Venice.  Once we arrived though, the high prices of most of the gondoliers put the ride out of reach.
I decided that we would go ahead and go, even though the cost was high (displaying the economic stronghold that a group of business-driven tour guides can leverage).  The trip down the beautiful, serene canals was unforgettable.  It seemed just like I imagined.  At some points, I could hear the faint sound of the crowd, but for most of the ride it was silent.  The only noise was the light dip of the gondolier's paddle in the water.  As I sat there with my arm around Rina, I sat back and looked up to see a typical Italian woman hanging laundry outside of her window.  She waved and smiled at Rina and I in love.  Could it get any better?


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