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The Old Stove Irish Pub

The definitive night spot to hang out with friends in Florence is The Old Stove.  The idea is found repeatedly in Florence because the overwhelming majority of bars in Florence are stylized versions of Irish pubs.

The Old Stove is not your typical tourist bar, considering its central location.  The pub is frequented by students of the Florentine universitÓ.   The best part about The Old Stove is that the intimate surroundings make it the perfect place to meet friends and just talk about the city.

The thick, substantial flavor of Guiness beer is the perfect flavor of the Stove.  They serve up a variety of Irish brews (as well as a few Italian ones).  The map up here is from a discount card I had left in my wallet.  When you purchase at least L120,000ITL of goods from the five vendors above, you get a free "stupid" t-shirt from the Old Stove.  Take some friends and have a great night!

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