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Piazza del Duomo

Ahh, the beautiful Florentine Duomo!  I doubt that I will ever again see a sight as breathtaking as the first time I saw The Duomo.  The sheer size and magnificence of Brunelleschi's cupola strike you as being a sight to behold.  I was extremely lucky to live essentially across the block (100m) from the dome and to be able to see the cupola by simply glancing out of my window at the Albergo Firenze.
The Piazza was always a hub of activity in the city at all hours of the night.  The Jubilee 2000 plans have brought new lighting to all sides of the grand cathedral making it an imposing and inspiring nighttime sight.  The Vu' Cumpra, Senegalese street-vendors, work the piazza displaying their wares (everything from sunglasses to African iron sculptures). 


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