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Prague Castle

Prague Castle (Hradcany) was always a regal and imposing sight at the top of the ridge above Prague.  Along with our expert tour guide from Martin Tour, an old man named Jan, we headed to the castle to get a close up view.

The wind was gusting with wind chills well below -5C at the top, while Jan held the tour flag high.  The open square areas were gorgeous and the walls led to some beautiful views of the city.

The obscure Golden Lane of old shops and houses placed us right back in time, on a smaller scale.  The doorways were all a little smaller than usually seen today.  These small shops and houses were the home to the Castle marksmen and goldsmiths.  It seemed like quite another fantasy world.

The deep Stag Moat surrounding the castle displayed the obvious reason as to how the fortification has lasted so long.  The castle was a stronghold for many hundreds of years and is a great highlight to visit in Prague.


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