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Astronomical Clock

astroclock_cu.jpg (11227 bytes)

The famed astronomical clock at the Old Town Square was built in 1490. The clock shown at left tells conventional time.   Below it is a series of other clocks that give the current zodiac sign, coordinated with the sun.  On the hour, figurines emerge from their closets in what is supposed to be a story representing greed, vanity, and death.  With the passing of time, a skeleton figurine rings the hourly bell.

While it is very impressive that the clock is still running to this day, I felt it was something of a disappointment to see.  Also a word of caution, with many tourists standing around watching with mouths gaped open, it is open season for pickpockets, so be on guard.

While not much of an impressive hourly occurrence, the clock is one of the symbols telling you where you are.  I am certainly glad that I had the opportunity to see it.


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