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Sabena Airlines

Every aspect of my Sabena experience can be described as exceptional!  Upon boarding the airplane, the smooth light jazz playing in the cabin calmed nerves in the usually tense and frantic boarding procedure.
The flight attendants are not only attractive, composed Belgian women, but they also speak English very well (as well as French, German, and Flemish).  The flight was blazing fast and very smooth.  The food was delicious and accompanied by rolls and an exceptional  potato salad.

One of my favorite features of European air travel is the baggage check.  Most small flights board from a platform on the Tarmac rather than a terminal.  The friendly attendants are happy to hand check your bags as you walk onto the plane.  After the flight, the claim ticket allows you immediate return as you walk out of the cabin.

sabena_card.jpg (3611 bytes)

The attendants were very friendly and personable, and, most certainly, I will use Sabena for my further Transatlantic flights.

You can visit Sabena Airlines online at

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