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www.Village Internet Point

On one of my first jaunts out around the city of Florence, I came across the center on Via degli Alfani, just a storefront away from "Gelateria La Pergola."  The center is about three times the size and houses twice the computer stations as the popular "Internet Train," a competing Internet stop.  A group of five gentlemen run the shop.  They are very friendly and speak English well.  The music is always interesting as the owners prefer Sade and other international pop favorites.

I thought that this picture was cool because of the opposing characteristics as the world modernizes.  The bright, ubiquitous Italian building with a classical bicycle out front of the Internet center.   (actually, I just thought of that.)

The connection to the Internet can run slow at times, but it is overall much faster than the "Internet Train."  The rates are very comparable to other Internet shops around town.  For the initial membership including eight hours of usage, the fee is L50,000ITL (about $30USD).  If you're only in town for a short while, the per hour non member fee is L8,000ITL with a minimum of fifteen minutes.  The computers run on Windows 98 (another advantage over the "Internet Train's" Linux shell system) and have decent performance.

computer_12_sml.jpg (17108 bytes)

Computer #12 was always my favorite; it was the fastest and had a great seat for people watching the pedestrians on the street.

Of all the Internet centers in Florence, I would say that www.Village is the premier point.  Their claim of "The Internet shop that (almost) never closes" is supported by their schedule: Monday-Saturday 10-24, Sunday 14-21 (unheard of hours in Italy).

You can visit the www.Village Internet Point online at

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