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"Cinque Terre"

Me sitting to rest on the hike.  The rail I am sitting on is actually a "train track" of sorts for the small carts used to help with grape harvesting on the terraced hillside.
After all of the amazing sights I have seen, from beautiful architecture to renowned artwork, by far the most breathtaking was created by God and is called Cinque Terre.  The seaside views were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  We took the train to the north end of the five sleepy lands.  The Manarola train station looked as if it was magical in that it was carved into the mountain and sat right on the beach.  We immediately strolled along the beach and onto the trail to Vernazza.
The small trail wound straight up the mountain, giving breath-taking views of the shoreline.   At times, the path was precariously thin as we traveled along small ledges on the hills.  The path seemed to wind continuously up the hill, but finally we saw the quiet harbor of Vernazza and stopped to take in the sight.

Here I am on the trail to Vernazza with the village behind me.


In Vernazza, we waited by the beach just relaxing and catching our breath.  A tour boat pulled up and was headed to Riomaggiore, the southernmost town.  The boat ride provided a whole different perspective as we watched the hikers in the mountains from afar.  As we docked in Riomaggiore, the beautiful port village shone with the sparkling waters on its brightly painted buildings.


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