Antico Noe

Phil standing outside of "Crack Alley," the home of Antico Noe's.  Noe's was the best place to stop for a quick, student-priced lunch with the gang.

Antico Noe is the stop to make if you find yourself sick and tired of a 3" roll with one slice of prociutto passing for a panino.  At Noe's, they serve up true panini - an 8" thick crust roll stuffed with whatever you want for only 5,000 Lira.
My personal favorite is the Porchetta (roast pork) sandwich with peppers and onions.  The big, stomach-filling sandwiches are prepared while you wait in beautiful "Volta di San Piero" (a.k.a. Crack Alley).  The staff is more than friendly and speaks a fair amount of English.

If you're ever hungry in Florence and low on cash, stop by Noe's for a sandwich and beer, and tell the crack addicts that I said, "Hi."

Go to Maximillian Ristorante


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