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11 January, 1999

Today was the first day of classes at school.  My first class was Classical Mythology, which should be a fun departure from my usual scientific studies.  Professor Ewell seems like a down-to-Earth, but very artistic type of guy.  My Italian class also should be good because Mrs. Carrabino is very nice and interested in our success.
Everyone here at the school is very accommodating and it is very welcoming with the smaller numbers of students.  I am excited about the Art and Architecture class which is tomorrow.  It is a three hour class, and it is the core reason why I am here.

I talked to my Mom today and she had the same silly questions as usual.  I do miss my family and I am glad that my brother, Kevin, and I had a lot of good times over Christmas break.

Move on to the next day, 12 January, 1999.


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