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6 January, 1999

This day has been a long one.   It started in my bed in Orlando, Florida at 6am yesterday.  After a goodbye from Mom at the airport and a short flight to Boston, it was off for my first transoceanic flight.  Sabena Airlines provided a great flight as well as a wonderful dinner!   The only problem was that two hours after the dinner it was time for breakfast.

We arrived in Brussels, Belgium at 7am and sat in the terminal there in a foreign country.  Rina and I got a jet to Florence around noon.  it was amazing to fly into Florence and see everything in this amazing city.   The thing that I found most remarkable about the trip was that this whole different world is so close to Orlando.  Less than a day's trip.

I am somewhat nervous about what to expect from this city, but I think that I will definitely be compatible with it!

Move on to the next day, 7 January, 1999.

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