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Munich S8 Subway Line

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There we were stepping off the plane in Munich unprepared for what lay ahead of us.  We figured that we would look for a transport bus similar to the Cedaz van in Prague, but there were none.  So what else to do but take a taxi?  Well, about forty minutes and 90DM later, I thought there has to be a better way!
There is!  The S8 Subway line stops at the Haubahnhaupft (munich's main train station), Marienplatz (the main plaza where the tourist area is), and just beneath the main terminal at Munich Flugenhafen.  The ride took about twenty-five minutes and only cost 25DM for two riders.

There wasn't too much of a hassle with carrying our bags.  We had one rolling suitcase and two large carry-ons.  The only problem was taking the Lucas rolling case down the escalator at the Hauptbahnhof.  And with the easy location in the airport, it's probably easier just to hop downstairs and ride into town on the train.


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